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At the core of our work lies Conscious Business, a set of values and skills that enables companies and teams to achieve exceptional results. These concepts are common sense, but they are not common practice; they challenge deep-seated assumptions we hold about ourselves, other people, and the world, and require a fundamental shift in awareness, understanding and behavior.


Guiding Leaders and Teams works with Fortune 100 and mid-size companies across a range of industries, including technology, health care and pharmaceutical, government/financial services, manufacturing and industry, and education.

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Sheila Connor has successfully coached our executives on several levels: she’s coached executives one-to-one who needed strong guidance around changing their levels of self-awareness and self-regulation and made a positive difference in their work lives and those who work with them; she’s coached executives in one to many and many to many situations within their teams, improving team levels of understanding and mutual respect; and finally, because she is such a masterful coach, from time to time she has coached our executive coaches when she has seen they could benefit from her wisdom and experience. She has also worked with our executives and senior recruiters to develop a model for an in-depth behavioral interview to assess senior executives’ cultural fitness with our firm using user-centered design methods based on emotional intelligence research.
Founder and Chief Executive, Technology Company

Guiding Leaders and Teams’ facilitation design for strategy work increased the effectiveness and engagement of our leaders. Sheila’s capabilities as a master coach are well-illustrated by her ability to share her frameworks for successful crucial meetings (one to many and many and many scenarios) coach facilitators on powerful practices to employ during those meetings.
Founder and Chief Executive, Technology Company

Coaching with Sheila It allowed me an opportunity to have someone who could reflect what others see, hold me accountable for my part of the relationship and provide tools to assist me with finding my own way. Learning to understand yourself and your interactions with others is a lifetime pursuit. Having someone there along the way, provides you the harsh but necessary reflections for honest, insightful and, in the end, critically needed change.
Director, Education Client

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